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Christmas and 25 week pic!

January 6, 2016

Well as I write this now the Christmas Holiday seems to be officially over. Christmas is so exciting to me, putting up the decorations, and the tree, I love making the house feel so warm and cozy. Every year I take some time to stay home and just enjoy the holiday. I bake…. a lot… and then I bake some more, which involves a lot of taste testing as well (such a hard job to be the taste tester, right?!).

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Its a….. surprise!

December 10, 2015

I have an announcement to make! Zola, my first baby, would like to announce she is going to be a big sister, to a human baby!

19 weeksI have been a little behind in updating the blog with everything going on, and then the holidays came crashing upon us like always. So we made the big announcement back a few months ago, as I am now 23 weeks along! I know I know, I am way behind so I am including the few other pictures I have been trying to take along the way. I figure a picture update every 2 weeks to see how this little girl is growing will be something fun to look back on in the future, since we plan to have this be our only child. No going back for those pregnancy pictures after the fact right?!

I guess I can’t complain, I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. The first few weeks all I can say is I felt “yucky” and not too many food items sounded good. I was living on bread, pizza, crackers and anything that sounded bland and greasy, thats all bound to make you feel better right?! Ummm wrong, as soon as I started to incorporate healthier foods from my pre-pregnany diet I started to feel better. A little spinach and vegtables go a long way for making this mom to be feel more normal. 21 weeksAlthough I do have to say I have been indulging quite a bit more than I should be on things like french fries and sweets…. trying to restrain myself more, but with all the holiday baking I have to “taste-test” the baked goods, right?!

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It’s almost Fall, yay for Sweater Weather

September 2, 2015

So its officially September, which means time to bust out the leggings, long sweaters and boots. Although while its still quite warm here in Vegas, I might have to hold off just a little longer. We don’t get a lot of cool weather days required for this type of style, but those few glorious months of cooler weather, I make sure to take full advantage of more fall and winter wardrobe staples.

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Friday Workout and RXBar Goodness

July 18, 2015
Me and my girl! #Friday #workout

Me and my girl! #Friday #workout

Happy Friday everyone! I have a great review of a new bar I discovered, the RXBar Chocolate Sea Salt!(Read my review below)

Woke up for an early workout this morning and took the dog for the usual park play time before work. Its so hard since its almost 100 degrees out at 6am. Zola knows her schedule though, right after I come inside from my workout she greets me at the door with her bone/stuffed animal/whatever is close all wiggly and ready for the day. I have to often remind her to “potty” first before we walk down to the park, I swear she gets so excited she forgets to go!

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Vancouver Trip Memories

July 6, 2015

This past weekend was 4th of July, and it reminds me of our trip a few years back to Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver is amazing! My husband, (then boyfriend) had mentioned something about this huge firework competition they hold in Vancouver every year. Beautiful landscape and fireworks? Yes please take me there I asked. I did a little research and found out there are three separate nights of absolutely amazing firework shows. If you have never heard of it, or never been, you must go. Celebration Of Light

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Winter clothes in summer?

June 30, 2015

AritzaShortLong sleeve shirts in summer you say?! I know the last thing anyone wants to think about is buying sweaters and long pants in summer, but I do. The best sale finds are buying things for the opposite seasons, its when its all on sale and usually 50% off or more!

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Kettlebell Workout

June 22, 2015

kettlebellI love kettlebells for working out, and I’m sharing a great article below.

PopSugar Kettlebell workouts

If you don’t have any kettlebells you should get some, right now…. haha, no rush, but seriously I love them. I ordered mine off amazon since with my prime membership shipping was free on such a heavy item.

I use a few different weights, right now a 10lb and a 15lb one, as certain exercises are easier so I use the heavier weight for those. With the ones that are a little more difficult I opt for the lighter weight.


Prague, Budapest & Vienna

June 19, 2015

This was our amazing honeymoon trip. Most people go to hawaii, or Bali, or some fancy place on the beach where you lay out and bake in the sun and drink out of a coconut. Not this white girl! We both knew if I spent even just two days in the sun, I would most likely get burned and have to avoid the beach for the rest of our trip, not to mention Hawaii is pricey.

We love to travel so I researched places neither of us had been and found an amazing travel company that had a deal that was almost too good to be true. $3500 for 10 days in Budapest, Prague & Vienna…. including, yes INCLUDING… flights, hotel, breakfast, and the whole tour. We were picked up from the airport, and then a bus took us to each city and then we had some free time as well as some tours of different places. My husband said that even if the tour sucked, we could just ditch it for that price. Turns out the whole trip was amazing, and our group was mostly made up of a 50 and over singles that were traveling together. It was hilarious watching them all party like they were 21, while us old people went to bed early so we could get up early and see as much as we possibly could.

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