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Friday Workout and RXBar Goodness

July 18, 2015
Me and my girl! #Friday #workout

Me and my girl! #Friday #workout

Happy Friday everyone! I have a great review of a new bar I discovered, the RXBar Chocolate Sea Salt!(Read my review below)

Woke up for an early workout this morning and took the dog for the usual park play time before work. Its so hard since its almost 100 degrees out at 6am. Zola knows her schedule though, right after I come inside from my workout she greets me at the door with her bone/stuffed animal/whatever is close all wiggly and ready for the day. I have to often remind her to “potty” first before we walk down to the park, I swear she gets so excited she forgets to go!

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Kettlebell Workout

June 22, 2015

kettlebellI love kettlebells for working out, and I’m sharing a great article below.

PopSugar Kettlebell workouts

If you don’t have any kettlebells you should get some, right now…. haha, no rush, but seriously I love them. I ordered mine off amazon since with my prime membership shipping was free on such a heavy item.

I use a few different weights, right now a 10lb and a 15lb one, as certain exercises are easier so I use the heavier weight for those. With the ones that are a little more difficult I opt for the lighter weight.