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Friday Workout and RXBar Goodness

July 18, 2015
Me and my girl! #Friday #workout

Me and my girl! #Friday #workout

Happy Friday everyone! I have a great review of a new bar I discovered, the RXBar Chocolate Sea Salt!(Read my review below)

Woke up for an early workout this morning and took the dog for the usual park play time before work. Its so hard since its almost 100 degrees out at 6am. Zola knows her schedule though, right after I come inside from my workout she greets me at the door with her bone/stuffed animal/whatever is close all wiggly and ready for the day. I have to often remind her to “potty” first before we walk down to the park, I swear she gets so excited she forgets to go!

A quick little run around the park for her and me and then we head back home so I can get ready for work, and she can take her 8 hour nap! Before you say thats not possible, trust me, I used to feel bad leaving her home all day until my husband started working from home and told me that that dog is out cold from 8am-5pm. But come 5:30…. shes up and ready for her next round at the park.

But onto more yummy things. I have a BIG quest bar fan, my favorite is the white chocolate rasberry, but I have yet to find another bar that tastes good/

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

is good for you/and is filling. Enter the RXBar. Amazon had a huge daily deal sale yesterday and I saw these on there and though, hey what the heck… I’ll order a box and if they aren’t the best, no biggie. I am now realizing I should have been brave enough and ordered a box in every flavor! But wow, I got the Chocolate Sea Salt and these things are yummy.


My full review of the RX Bar Chocolate Sea Salt
First bite, I thought ok these aren’t bad, soft and chewy with that natural chocolate taste. In each bar there is: 6 almonds, 4 cashews, 3 egg whites and 2 dates. Can you say wow?! As I took another bite I started to like this bar more and more. It reminds me of a super soft fudgy brownie, thats not overly sweet. Its a little more dense than said brownie, but the taste is amazing for such a healthy bar. These would hold up great for a backpacking trip or thrown in your purse for an after gym snack. And the best part? they actually keep you full too. You know how some bars are full of calories and do nothing but have your stomach growling an hour later? Not these things. Overall rating on these? YUM! I will definately be buying more and trying them in other flavors. rxbar

I purchased them on amazon, you can get them here: RXBar

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