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Its a….. surprise!

December 10, 2015

I have an announcement to make! Zola, my first baby, would like to announce she is going to be a big sister, to a human baby!

19 weeksI have been a little behind in updating the blog with everything going on, and then the holidays came crashing upon us like always. So we made the big announcement back a few months ago, as I am now 23 weeks along! I know I know, I am way behind so I am including the few other pictures I have been trying to take along the way. I figure a picture update every 2 weeks to see how this little girl is growing will be something fun to look back on in the future, since we plan to have this be our only child. No going back for those pregnancy pictures after the fact right?!

I guess I can’t complain, I have had a pretty easy pregnancy. The first few weeks all I can say is I felt “yucky” and not too many food items sounded good. I was living on bread, pizza, crackers and anything that sounded bland and greasy, thats all bound to make you feel better right?! Ummm wrong, as soon as I started to incorporate healthier foods from my pre-pregnany diet I started to feel better. A little spinach and vegtables go a long way for making this mom to be feel more normal. 21 weeksAlthough I do have to say I have been indulging quite a bit more than I should be on things like french fries and sweets…. trying to restrain myself more, but with all the holiday baking I have to “taste-test” the baked goods, right?!

The first 3 months I also stopped working out completely, aside from feeling just yucky my energy level was at an all time low. But now that I have gotten my energy back I have been trying to get a few days a week in for workouts, nothing like my pre-pregnancy 6-7 days a week, but U have been shooting for 3-4 days. I do take the dog for 1-2 walks a day however, so I try to count that as my little exercise and then I try to incorporate more weights and lower body when I have a chance to make it to the gym.

23 weeksWe are super excited for our little girl, but I know there will be soooo much to do in the next few months, so here we are…. ready, set go! My list is to get everything we can done, there’s nothing wrong with reorganzing your whole house, and putting in a backyard and redoing your kitchen right? Well I can dream, maybe if I wish for it enough it might just happen.



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