Prague, Budapest & Vienna

June 19, 2015

This was our amazing honeymoon trip. Most people go to hawaii, or Bali, or some fancy place on the beach where you lay out and bake in the sun and drink out of a coconut. Not this white girl! We both knew if I spent even just two days in the sun, I would most likely get burned and have to avoid the beach for the rest of our trip, not to mention Hawaii is pricey.

We love to travel so I researched places neither of us had been and found an amazing travel company that had a deal that was almost too good to be true. $3500 for 10 days in Budapest, Prague & Vienna…. including, yes INCLUDING… flights, hotel, breakfast, and the whole tour. We were picked up from the airport, and then a bus took us to each city and then we had some free time as well as some tours of different places. My husband said that even if the tour sucked, we could just ditch it for that price. Turns out the whole trip was amazing, and our group was mostly made up of a 50 and over singles that were traveling together. It was hilarious watching them all party like they were 21, while us old people went to bed early so we could get up early and see as much as we possibly could.

We started in Budapest, then headed to Vienna, and then finished in Prague. As you can see we were bundled up, we booked the trip for the end of November about 2 months after our wedding. I highly recommend booking your honeymoon at least a few weeks after your wedding so you can actually enjoy it. I know after the wedding and all that running around it took me a good two weeks to catch up on sleep.

The Christmas markets were all in full swing in each city, and it was so amazing to walk around at night, grab some hot wine and get fresh baked chips and sweets. Just amazing. The sights are beautiful, the buildings and the history is so much to take in.

And I guess you could call us the need a vacation from our vacation people. We don’t waste one second, we are up, and on the go checking out every site we possibly can, and snapping away with one of our cameras or GoPros. Did I mention we have 2 GoPros? But this trip was amazing, all in all I think I ended up with 1500 pictures, yeah…. try narrowing that down to 100 for a photo book.

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