Vancouver Trip Memories

July 6, 2015

This past weekend was 4th of July, and it reminds me of our trip a few years back to Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver is amazing! My husband, (then boyfriend) had mentioned something about this huge firework competition they hold in Vancouver every year. Beautiful landscape and fireworks? Yes please take me there I asked. I did a little research and found out there are three separate nights of absolutely amazing firework shows. If you have never heard of it, or never been, you must go. Celebration Of Light

I have seemed to assumed the role of designated online everything in our household, so off I went searching for a place to stay and things to do. I booked our trip for 9 nights so that we could see each country compete. Passports were renewed, nail appointment was booked, and I was ready to have a great vacation (and secretly was hoping for it to be a memorable marriage proposal trip as well).

Let me just say, if I could afford to move to Vancouver I would in a second. The weather was amazing and beautiful. And when we vacation we are big on walking and exploring the city to see everything. The hotel we stayed at was amazing, and my “boyfriend” mentioned he would be proposing and asked if they were able to upgrade us at all, and upgrade us they did… we had a suite across the street in its own building. The suite was more like an apartment with wrap around windows and a gigantic walk in shower with a tub. AMAZING! The first night there was the first firework show, so we walked down to the beach to find ourselves a spot to watch amongst the million other people. Our dinner consisted of the most delicious, melt in your mouth mini donuts. They popped out of this little machine right into cinnamon and sugar, and right when you ordered they were scooped into a bucket and were melt in your mouth hot and fresh. Not exactly the healthiest option, but soooo good.

The next few days were amazing, we checked out Stanley Park, and the aquarium and just walked an did so much exploring. The restaurants out there were amazing, and so ,many of the places that had outside seating handed you blankets once it cooled off, how cool is that?! A few days of our trip had passed and no ring… but I had planned a special dinner cruise for the 2nd night of the fireworks. The boat took off from one side of the island and drove out to the other side right where the fireworks were going to be set off. Once we had dinner and it got dark we headed up to the top of the boat to watch the show, and as I was taking pictures I turned around to look at Patrick, and boom, he was down on his knee with a rung in his hand and my heart just melted. It was the most amazing night and perfect proposal :)

Grouse Mountain was next on our stops, with ziplining, and bird shows and watching the bears. The drive up there on the bus was so pretty, and all the windows were open with the wind blowing through it felt like we were flying up there! Such a fun place with everything to do, and I would love to come back in the winter to go snow boarding. Later that night we headed over to Queen Elizabeth Park one night, and this place was something out of a painting. Breathtaking flowers and plants, you could just sit and stare at everything around you for hours. We wandered up top to find this amazing restaurant with views of the city, and it felt like you were in a tree house sitting outside, and the food was to die for.

The rest of the trip was just that much better since I now had a ring on haha jk… well maybe not, it was quite fun to look down at my hand every 5 mins. We ate and walked our way around Vancouver and on the last night we indulged in more of those yummy donuts and headed home the next day.


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