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Winter clothes in summer?

June 30, 2015

AritzaShortLong sleeve shirts in summer you say?! I know the last thing anyone wants to think about is buying sweaters and long pants in summer, but I do. The best sale finds are buying things for the opposite seasons, its when its all on sale and usually 50% off or more!

Here’s why: I am a major sale shopper. In fact I might just be pulled into buying things on sale just because they are such a good deal! I don’t see anything wrong with that, do you? Well I recently came across an article on The Bachelorette’s style and how of course she has stylists to help her pick outfits for all the dates and yada yada yada. BUT she mentioned a store she likes to shop at, so off to google I went. KaitlynBristowe

Aritzia is one of those brands that has simple cute staples. I used to be one for purchasing cute deocrated shirts and things that you maybe wore once and then they went out of style. Now I have leaned more towards simple things, that can be dressed up or down with your hair and make up or accessories. I guess it also might be swayed by my husbands color palette of black/white and gray too, but hey, as long as he likes what I wear too, since he has to look at me right?! I do appreciate his honestly when he tells me if a shirt or dress is flattering or not, at least I know it looks good and he’s not just telling me that.

Find the shirt on Aritzia

Read the article on Kaitlyn here on Yahoo


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